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Are you looking for the best bowie knife under 100 dollars?

Do you know how to to pick the good bowie knife for the money?

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Since the 19th century, bowie knives are here.

I have read countless reviews on bowie knives and created an entire guideline with top 5 bowie knives. If you stay with me, then I will promise you that this article helps you to pick the best bowie Knife under 100 dollars budget.

At first, we will go through a bit of the blade's history, important features to choose the right bowie available in the market today. Here is the top 5 list to choose quickly one of the best-rated Bowie's.

At 1830 the original Bowie knife was created by James Black for Jim Bowie. But, Over the time more than 150 years, it has change the shape, size and purposes of uses; so, today's bowies are not like as before anymore.

What is a Bowie Knife?

A bowie knife is a special type of knife used for skinning, butchering or meat processing, normally it come in a blade lengths between 5 inches and 24 inches. Now, Let's have a look on the parameters that defines a bowie knives in general.

Length: It is typically a large fighting knife with its length ranging from 10 to 20 inches. The blade is usually between 5 to 12 inches long. It is balance between a sword and a dagger.

Blade Type: The size cannot be either too long or too short. Traditional bowie knives are necessarily full tang and fixed blade.

Material: You should go for those knives which are high quality stainless or carbon steel. Cheaper steel may be rust easily. It should be made of something that does not slip easily.

Without further ado, let's have a look on our top 5 choices below:

Best Bowie Knives: TOP 5 Picks


I have a favorite knife for my survival is Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Fixed Blade Knife. The knife did almost everything without giving much effort. The Bowie knife B7 is from Ka-Bar Made out of 7-inch blade knife with 1095 Cro Van steel. 1095 is steel with chromium and vanadium added. Ka-Bar Knives Inc. has been making high-quality combat knives since 1898.

The weight of this knife is 13.6 ounces which are considerably light weight than other this sizes knives. When you go for any traveling or hiking over a long distance, you should not worry because you have it. It is not only light weighted but also enough for heavy duty. It designed Specifically for Soldiers and Adventurers.

I love Becker knives for its solid and beautiful made and razor sharp blade keeps a significant edge. The blade is 0.188 inches thick with a clip point. My Father loves BK7 for thrusting, drilling, chopping, preparing food, and so on. I think BK7 is a great knife to quick batoning.

Like the entire Ka-Bar Knife BK7 also made with weather resistance. The black coating on a blade gives extra protection to the knife. The handle of the knife is also designed with comfort grip for survival or other combat situation. So, it keeps your hand from sliding down to the blade while performing a hard job.​

While the price of the Beaker has increased day by day, it gives the discount price. I had much research on knives before I spent the money on this one, and I am entirely happy with my purchase.

Important Features of the item:

Colour: Black and Tan.

Stamp: Ka-Bar Becker.

Edge angle: 20 degrees.

Blade Type: Fixed Blade.

Blade: 1095 Cro-Van steel.

Blade Length: 7-Inches.

Overall Length: 12.75 inches.

Weight: 0.85 pounds. Lightweight.

Handle Material: Grivory, Sturdy Skeleton-handled Knife.


  • It is durable and easy to sharpen.
  • Black coating save the knife from moisture.
  • Bk7 is not cheap or terribly expensive.
  • Made in the USAhigh-quality knife


  • The downside of the knife is its low-quality sheath. The knife is very loose in it.
  • So then one has to spend more money on a custom sheath.
  • The handle is super smooth and slippery.

2. Ontario 6504 OKC3S Marine Bayonet - An Excellent Example of a Bayonet


The Ontario Knife OKC3S Marine Bayonet is issued primarily to the United States Marine Corps. Ontario Knife Company provides one of the most wide-ranging and quality products in the cutlery industry. It is designed for stabbing, digging, prying. This bayonet shaves like a surgical razor. It is an excellent and very handy tool to have, and I would not go for an outdoor survive without this one.

I intend on buying another one to keep in my emergency tool kit. It is comfortable feel in hand. I love it and highly recommend it. It is not a bushcraft knife but certainly is just as useful and a most excellent fighter when I need it.

Very high-quality build with an 8 inch partially serrated blade made of 1095 Carbon Steel. I think this is a real fighting knife. Moreover, this knife took the place of our old bayonets.​

This knife is unique in the fact that the blade is constructed using a thick proprietary blend of carbon steel. It has a stunning, rugged non-reflective finish and great ergonomically grooved Dynaflex (kind of a rubber feeling) handle to reduce hand fatigue. A nice partially serrated blade with a 1.75 mission serration.

Made with polyester elastomer in the handle. Stainless steel uses to secure the bayonet. I was skeptical of the quality of buying this knife. However, I am pretty impressed with the quality. It is also a sharp knife. If you like to take large fixed blade knives, this bayonet is an excellent buy.​

Important Features of the item:

Material: 1095 Carbon Steel.

Blade Length: 8 in (20 cm).

Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel

Blade Thickness: 0.2 in (0.5 cm).

Blade Color: Black and fixed blade.

Blade Finish: Zinc Phosphate,

Blade Grind: Flat, Handle Color Brown

Sheath Type: MOLLE Compatible

Sheath Color: Tan, Sheath Material Hytrel

Hardness: 53-58 HRC

Edge Type: Combo.

Knives Weighs: 14 ounces.


  • A fixed blade fighting knife.
  • No rust or corrosion on the blade.
  • The sheath with sharpener is a bonus
  • This knife could be the excellent alternative to the M9 bayonets.Great packaging, fast shipping.


  • The sheath/scabbard has a few scratches on the plastic portion. Buttons on the sheath/scabbard are difficult to open and close.
  • It is not razor sharp, what I would expect from a factory edge.

3. SOG Tech Bowie Fixed Blade S10B-K - Black TiNi 6.4" AUS-8 Blade, Rubber Handle with Stainless Cross Guard(bought with high reputation)


SOG Bowie first came out on the market over 30 years ago; it became a landmark knife industry day by day. It combined excellent design and aesthetics with toughness and practicality and just outstanding quality.Company founder and chief engineer, Spencer Frazer created all the products.For their unique style and performance, these knives and tools have awarded and recognition worldwide.

SOG products have also won favor among law enforcement, military and industrial customers to perform flawlessly in the toughest conditions. The SOG Tech Bowie is a heavy knife for any situation. The blade is about the same length/width as the Ka-bar knives, but it is much thicker.

It makes the knife heavier and sturdier. This knife helps me a lot during the winter hunting season. I did not use it often, but I was impressed when I did. It came sharp and had not been difficult to keep that way. But not ridiculous, hammerable and has a lanyard hole too. It also easy to clean after use.

SOG has made a beautiful knife with the Tech Bowie. It is an excellent combination with stable invention and performance. The blade is razor sharp, and the handle has excellent comfort with a durable grip. The TiNi coating is providing extra lubrication and protection to the edge.

SOG knives are a bit pricey to budget, but I was satisfied with the quality of this knife. Overall, if you are looking for a 6.5" bowie knife, you will not be disappointed with the SOG Tech Bowie, so I assumed it was made in the United States. However, it is still a very very nice knife. Well worth the price.​

Important Features of the item:

Combo Knife Set with a Hunter and Gut Blade Knife

Item Model Number: S1OB-K

Material: A top-notch knife made with modern materials and brilliant engineering make a top-notch knife. Made of AUS-8 stainless steel. For a classy, timeless look.

Blade: Straight edge, fixed 6.4-inches AUS-8 steel blade. Durable hard-cased black coating makes for a lasting blade.

Color: Black.

Handle: Black handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon for easy to grip Kraton rubber handle.

Sheath: A black Kydex sheath includes a belt loop attachment.


  • This knife is very sharp and feels happy to use.
  • The molded Kraton is super comfortable, and it is not too long or too short.
  • No rotting or soaking up to rust the knife because it has got a drainage hole.


  • It is included with a very poorly designed sheath that is bulky and hard to use. The knife was not inserted into the sheath and remove.
  • Poor customer service.

4. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife - A Complete Package Bowie Set


I have owned some "Outdoor Bowie', s" but I find this one to be the best of them so far. The BK9 is the complete package set for me. The blade is sharp enough for chopping and batoning. The "Combat Bowie" is a pretty big knife but it can stand up to some pretty heavy duty jobs.

It is worthless to spend the extra money for a heavy-duty utility knife as long as the Becker BK knives are around. BK9 became my #1 camping, fishing and survival bowie knife.

I am positive I could fell many small trees with this blade without having to sharpen it once. Wish it has a leather sheath like the Ka-Bar fighting knife. BK9 sharp enough to slice through small trees easily and perfect for wood processing tasks. This blade is more of a tool than a knife; this knife is a very well rounded knife and Ideal for processing wood, chopping, whittling, etc.

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife is a 9-inch-long 1095 CroVan tool steel blade Provided Epoxy powder coated finish.Its full tang handle is the foundation of the product's craftsmanship. The tools weigh around 1.15 lbs, and overall length is 14.75 inches.​

The item comes with a Black nylon sheath with Kydex insert. Among the additional features, BK9 holds a flat and high Saber Grind along with a 20-degree edge angle. Blade Coating: Black epoxy powder coat.

Overall, I would buy several more of these knives. Since all of the "problems" are rather personal preferences, I believe that this is the best deal for the money. It is somewhere between a large Bowie and a small machete. However, it will rust, but it is easy to remove it if you catch it early. Just soak the knife in an oil rag for at least two hours, the longer, the better. The sellers were very quick with shipping and were willing to refund the item for a return, but I have canceled the return because I love this knife.​

Important Features of the item:

Stamp: Ka-Bar Becker.

Edge angle: Knives of Alaska

Blade: 1095 Cro-Van steel. Full tang. Fixed blade.

Shape: Clip point

Grind: Flat.

Handle Material: Grivory.

Blade length: 9 inches

Overall length: 14.75 inches

Weight: 1.05 pounds

Sheath: Includes a nylon sheath.


  • BK9 is a versatile knife. It can do everything.
  • The grip fits my hand better.
  • Handle full-tang construction.


  • The handle is a bit slippery.
  • It will rust quickly. If you did not give proper care of the knife.
  • Blade angle is not okay.

5. RAMBO II MC-RB2 Officially Licensed First Blood Part II Survival Knife - Don’t waste your money if you have a tight budget.


The knife is awesome, felt well-made and built strong. The blade is Sharpe and thick which is made from AUS-6 Japanese. It considered equivalent to 440A. 440C is the preferred Steel for knives. However, the knife itself is very impressive. Its weight is significant, so when you pick it up, it feels very meaningful and sturdy.

Before I use took it out of the box to check the balance after reading some of the reviews, but found no problems. The little goodies container in the hilt is a nice touch and does not rattle around when you move the knife because it is in a plastic container.

I do not like everything about the knife. Though the sheath is a quality thick leather case; compass does work but could be better. The matches, hooks, string, lead weights, needle, surgical steel razor blade that come with it are quality items as well. For the handle, the compartment to be completely waterproof.

This knife is badass, so if you are looking for just a straight up awesome knife then get this one.I love all the Rambo movies, but the blade said it was made in America, but I found on the knife that it is made in China. A real redneck knows that China blades do not compare to American knives. It is the quality of the steel like I have a buck and ka-bar and both can rally hold an edge because they are made in America.

China blades just start to dull after you start to use it I still like the knife but not the type of steel. I am not trying to tell people not to buy the knife just don't use it and rely on it, but it is a good show knife.

However, I would not recommend counting on this knife for survival. It is not well constructed, and I do not trust the handle. Overall this is a nice looking knife for collectors such as myself.​

Important Features of the item

Item model number: MC-RB2.

Length: Overall length 15.38."

Blade: 10" 440 Stainless Steel, Fixed Blade.

Blade Thickness: O.25''.

Handle: 5.38" Handle with Black Cord Wrap

Sheath: It does come with a black Rambo leather sheath. Includes Certificate of Authenticity


  • First the knife just plain looks good and is an excellent design!
  • The handle grip is comfortable and allows good control.
  • Kit Fish Line. Hooks Sinkers, Matches, Razor and Compass.


  • The knife has rust in the handle along the threads. Because it is made from cheap recycled aluminum
  • This blade will lose its sharp edge quickly. Not worth for money.
  • The handle is made of cheap recycled aluminum.
  • The black powder coat means the paint will flake and wear off quickly.

Final Recommendations:

There are many benefits to having a bowie knife. Bowie Knives use for hunting, batoning, chopping and other outdoor purposes.

I hope, you enjoy reading all these best bowie knives reviews and now can decide which one is the best for you, right? So, which one do you want? If you are thinking to buy a bowie knife for hunting and camping, then I highly recommended BK9 from Ka-Bar. It will be best for your chopping and hacking.

Then, you will go with Bk7 ideal for slicing and cutting. Moreover, Ka-Bar is a well reputed for their knives which are made in USA brand.

However, I will not inspire you to purchase RAMBO II because it is poorly made and high price. I am not sure about the long lasting of the knife.

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