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I think you all agree when I say, knives are the best friend to any butcher. Isn't it?

But there is only one problem – finding the best butcher knife is not so easy. There are a lot of butcher knives available in the market. So, you ‘ll probably confuse which knives are the best.

Butcher Knives primarily used for skinning, cutting food, chopping, scalping, and mostly meat processing. Though it can be tough to pick which knife is the best choice for the flesh business. This review will help you to choose the best one based on your need.

If you read these complete article best butcher knives reviews - I promise, you will not only pick the best butcher knife but also you will gain a lot of knowledge about the butcher.

Important Things you should know aboutBest Butcher Knives:

Comfort zone: First thing when you are looking for a butcher knife, you should look for is the convenience. Comfortable is the must for any butcher knife.

Easy to fit: The butcher knife should be fit your hand; provide secure space between your hand and cutting surface.

Balance: It should have a correct balance and should be heavier than other kitchen knives.

Style: Butcher knives appear in the market with different style, size, and shape.

Handle: Dealing with butcher shop means working in a wet and slippery environment. That's why the handle material is a vital part. It has Textured handles with high nylon content are a good option, as these knives provide superior grip when the tool is being wet. A comfortably shaped handle is also necessary.

Material: Then you should make sure that the blade contains a high carbon steel. It will ensure that the tool is sharp enough for the job, and will be able to handle all type of meat business.

Durability: When you are working with large cuts of meat, you have to need a durable, professional butcher knife. Also, these knives have sturdily manufactured, easy to use and clean after all days hard work.

Tang: Do not forget to examine the tang that connects the blade and the handle.

With this article, you are going to explore in depth review of 5 Best butcher knives with their all features, pros and cons.

Recommended Top 5 best Butcher knives:

  1. F. Dick Ergogrip 10" Butcher Knife ---------- 4.6
  2. Ontario 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife----------4.7
  3. Dexter-Russell (S112-10PCP) - 10" Butcher Knife---------4.8
  4. Dexter-Russell (S112-10PCP) - 10" Butcher Knife -----------------4.9
  5. Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife (Black/Tan) -------------5.0

Friedrich Dick from Germany has manufactured highest quality commercial butcher knives and tools for butchers since the year 1778.

Dick Ergogrip Butcher Knife with polished, durable, high-grade laser tested stainless steel 10-inch blade. The heavy duty knife's blade features proper sharpening and edge retention properties. 

The ergonomic handle knife is designed to reduce collapse. This butcher knife is made for professional meat cutters, butchers, and food service person.

​This blade's heft to be comfortable and efficient and has a great size knife. The ergonomic knife handle is designed to reduce fatigue. It is straightforward and cheap. This blade's heft to be comfortable and efficient and has a great size knife. The ergonomic knife handle is designed to reduce fatigue. It is straightforward and cheap.

It is a professional knife for sausage maker. I am a knife collector. I used this knife for butchering my quartered deer, elk, etc. It is a lot of product for the comparatively little money. The knife performs at least as well as a Victorinox, Forschner or Dexter-Russell but is more durable and feels very comfortable in hand. NSF Approved, Made in Germany.

It is a professional knife for sausage maker. I am a knife collector. I used this knife for butchering my quartered deer, elk, etc. It is a lot of product for the comparatively little money. The knife performs at least as well as a Victorinox, Forschner or Dexter-Russell but is more durable and feels very comfortable in hand. NSF Approved, Made in Germany.

It's very useful size to add to your kitchen cutlery arsenal. Get one, and you will not regret it.

Key features of the item

Manufacturer: Friedrich Dick of Germany.


Blade Size: 10 inches.

Handle Color: Blue.

Material: High carbon steel.

Item Weight: 7.2 ounces.

Item Dimension: 15 x 2 x 0.5 inches.


  • Its simple design and inexpensive.
  • This blade is just a great size and heft to be comfortable and efficient.
  • This knife has carbon steel and sharpens easily.
  • Nonslip handles and extra wide thumb rest.


  • Need Proper maintenance to keep it sharp

Ontario is one of the best manufacturers of knives over hundred years.It comes dealing with meat for the grill and steak.Old Hickory 7111 knife has a simple design,quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship. It built with a sharp, thick and long knife.

The BBQ Pit Boys using the one on YouTube to inspire purchasing the knife. Old Hickory 10-Inch Blade is made with 1095 high carbon steel has a hardwood hickory handle. However, the weight of the Knife does a great job.

Moreover, theknife ensures a proper grip, full tang and well balanced. It feels good on the hand. The blade thoroughlyheats treated and tempered. It serves a sharp blade cutting edge which is easily sharpened day after day.

However, if you need to understand extra details on this product, you will study the reviews of those who have already used it.

So, if you are looking for a cleaver which is versatile in nature, get this one!​

Key Features of the Item

Manufacturer: Ontario Knife Company.

Item Model No: 7111

Material: 1095 carbon steel

Blade Length: 10 inches.

Handle Length: 5 inches.

Product dimension: 5 x 2 x 4’’

Handle Color: Brown

Blade Color: Silver

Blade Edge: Plain.


  • American handcraft
  • Easily sharpened blades made with carbon steel.
  • Extra-long for agricultural and industrial cutting or chopping too.
  • Use it for your butchering job as well as yourkitchen work.


  • Please do not clean in the dishwasher.
  • The blade material is not stainless,if not maintained the correct way this knife will rust quickly.
  • After a long time use, the handle will shrink and crack.

The Grip-Tex handle is designed to allow a comfortable slip-free usage, and this is something the knife does very well. It is my favorite "BBQ knife," meaning I prefer it for all things about grilled meat. I have used this thing a BBQ fork or a spatula and of course as a knife. Dexter makes a quality item, so it's a reliable brand.

The "spine" is very thick of the knife and has some heft. It is a 10" rigor sharp knife, and it appears to be a good quality knife. The cleaver might be slightly large, but for the purpose of large type cutting up of meats, it works a great job. If you want to use it daily, the smaller 8" knife may be better.

The shape of the blade well designed and fit of the handle are well balanced. I am impressed with the blade itself is finely sharp and has been tested in service. For a chef and culinary instructor, this thing worth the money.

I purchased this knife for my daddy who has a butcher shop. After discussing how the knife works, he said it is a different knife. Overall, I would recommend to friends and family who wants a good butcher knife from the best butcher knives brand.

Key features of the Item

Manufacturer: Dexter-Russell

Item model number: S112-10PCP

Item Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Ship Weight: .58 lbs.

Blade Length: 12 inches

Handle Length: 5 inches

Overall Length: 17 inches

Blade Tip:  Pointed

Blade Material Type: Stainless Carbon Steel

The Blade Ranges: The blade ranges from 1&3/8 inches to 1&5/8 inches

Edge Type: Straight Edge

Handle Material: Plastic, Grip-Tex handle.


  • Very well sharp.
  • Holds a better keen edge.
  • Heavyweight and well balance.
  • Handle material offers an excellent grip and is comfortable to work with it.


  • It is the metal appears to be slightly brittle.
  • The handle is a little chunky.
  • The fact it has a large 10-inch blade may mean it is slightly too large for working on the home grill.

The Victorinox butcher knives set became a top-rated choice among professional butcher. The Butcher knife will slice excellent steaks; this one would be good to fish steak. It is a giant knife for butchering. I have bought it to butcher a full-size deer or cow and have no problem cutting large pieces of meat. It stays sharp even after using a day enormous task.

A great knife is larger than I expect. But man, it goes through high meat products. I love it for separating hog or elk, etc. You'll not regret to purchase a reliable knife like it.

Every professional Butcher will find the exact knife for their specific needs. The hardness of blade and the laser-tested cutting angle guarantee high edge retention.10" Fibrox Butcher Knife is the perfect size for cutting down meats for cooking. You will use this knife not only for butchering but also all-purpose in the kitchen.

Excellent knife for meat is cutting! I would highly recommend this cemetery knife. This knife is an ideal knife collection in your restaurant or catering kitchen! Most users would agree that it is the best butcher knives brand. This one is the best butcher knives I have ever owned with a beautiful gift-wrap.

Key features of the Item

Manufacturer: Victorinox

Color: Silver/Black

Material: High carbon stainless-steel blade

Handle: Fibrox

Blade Length: 10 inches

Item Dimension: 3.75 x 17 x 1.5 in

Item Weight: 6.4 ounces


  • It is ideal for sectioning chicken.
  • For most meat-cutting jobs.
  • The stag Comfortable shape and durable material.handle is well designed and extremely comfortable.
  • It is a favoStamped manufacture.rite among Alaskan Outfitters as a big job and hard use knife.
  • Lifetime warranty and also National Sanitation Foundation approved.


  • More expensive than other butcher knives brand.
  • Must be hand washed and slightly inflexible blade.
  • A little on the light side at 7.2 ounces.

As a professional butcher, I would say this knife was everything expected because it makes working with larger meats easy to break down for customers. For someone who knows how to use a blade correctly. This knife will serve multiple tasks like separating deer, hog or large type of fishes. I purchased this for butchering game meat.

The Victorinox 12 inch Butcher Knife gets top pick because it means business. It is the kind of tool that is popular with professional butchers and those that work at meat processing task. The design and manufacturing from Switzerland. It means all about strength, sharpness, and durability.

I am pleased with the size and the ability of the knife which make precise cuts. We used it to our butcher shop. It is bigger than I expect. The 12 inches with carbon steel blade would be more than enough. But this will work if I ever need to break a buffalo or moose.

This knife is a great collection of my kitchen cutlery also. This knife is perfect for cutting through large cuts of beef. It is a great knife with crazy sharp and holds its edge through some rough cutting. I would highly recommend to everyone in the butcher profession or at home to deal with large volumes of meats.

Key features of the item

Manufacturer: Victorinox.

Handle: The handle is Full Tang, Black Suregrip.

Item Model Number: High carbon stainless-steel blade.

Blade Type: Straight.

Blade Length: 12-inch butcher knife.

Handle Color: Black.

Handle Material: Fibrox.

Color: Silver/Black.

Product Dimensions: 3.75 x 17 x 1.5 inches.


  • Perfect for large and small types of meat
  • 12" long size allows you to cut significant amounts of product at a time.
  • Handle's contours ensure the fitness of the knife in your hand.


  • This blade is probably much too big for the knife.
  • The dishwasher might be damaged if you wash with it. So try to hand wash and make sure dry it immediately after use.

What is The Best Use of Each Butcher Knife We Recommended?

Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife – is highlyrecommended when you consider the cost of the added features. TheVictorinox is superior, and it is a versatile knife if you only need one butcher knife, going with the Victorinox Cutlery makes the most sense.

Victorinox Cutlery 10-Inch - might be a little bit pricey but good products worth the high price. It gets my attention most also.

Dexter-Russell (S112-10PCP)–is also best for BBQ party or any types of grill item. I use the knife for any meat prep at home without any issue.

Dick Ergogrip 10" - Butcher Knife also has an excellent reputation in the market.

Ontario 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife-is a long length knife for chopping and grilling. You can also use the knife for slicing vegetables and fruits too.

Final verdict: I hope you all enjoy the review. After reading the entire review all of the knives featured in this article, have their advantages and disadvantages. So, without any hesitation, I believe you’ll pick your best butcher knife as per your particular need.

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