Archer SAS Rage 70lbs, 30” Compound Bow Review

This is a beginner’s bow with a design that can accommodate the rough handling by a novice. An archery beginner will most often that not misfire severally during practice. With other bows, the string on other bow models but the integrity of the aluminum fiberglass combined with plaster assures of durability.

The fact that this bow is primarily meant for novices does not mean regarding accuracy that it lacks behind, quite the opposite this bow is quite an achiever in its range.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

Most people seeking to start out in archery or hunting do not know what to look for and so end up buying bows meant for professionals and thus slow their development and mastery of archery.

Everyone is financially cautious when venturing into uncharted territories, and so this bows offers good performance at reasonable and quite affordable prices and will last longer than other novice bows.


The bow is fitted with two eccentric cams for purposes of freezing draw weight by moving the pin either up or down until a draw weight of your desire and comfort is attained.

The bow’s draw weight can be increased at the peak of 5 lbs per hole in a range of between 50 – 70 lbs for hunting for game or target practice; talk about choice and customization.

Adjustable Draw Length

Increased strain on the biceps and triceps necessary for drawing and holding respectively leads to increased anaerobic respiration and in the end the bow’s user has to drop the bow to regain strength.

In a bid to forestall the aforementioned, this bow comes with an adjustable draw length ranging from 26 to 30 inches so users can set a length that ensures they can endure.


The bow can deliver arrow speeds of 270 Feet per Second. Such speed from this compound bow proves to be quite an ally in game hunting. Depending on the size of the game, whether small or big, the user needs only to vary the weight of arrows.

To ensure that this speed works to your advantage, the user needs to make sure that they can continuously draw 70 pounds.

Sufficient Energy

70 lbs of draw weight create kinetic energy sufficient enough for hunting with an impressive rate of 56.8 ft per pound of kinetic energy at the maximum draw weight.

Any hunter will be keen to have the highest amount of kinetic energy so as to propel arrows to penetrate targets deeply and gives the target less time to duck. The above kinetic energy will deliver efficiently.


  • checkCamouflage design prevents detection when hunting for game.
  • checkPermits room for customization as it is sold in a basic form
  • check40 pounds of weight can allow for long treks on tough terrain
  • checkIts power capabilities ensure humane prey take downs.
  • checkImpressive let off allows shooting of many arrows at a time


  • The manufacturer is not very well known in many countries, and thus it gets passed up for more popular brands despite its capabilities and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what time should I wax the bow strings?

A: Depending on how often you use them you might want to wax every two weeks or more often if you use them continually sat daily for about 3 hours per day.

Q: How do I modify the bow’s draw weight?

A: Simple. Rotate the modification bolt either clockwise or anticlockwise not forgetting to adjust the weight in the top and bottom bolts too

Q: How often should I replace my bow strings?

A: Once every two years should do fine although look out for signs of damage.

Final Verdict

In a flooded compound bows market, it is imperative to check for functionality on top of pricing and design. Most brands that deliver on the three fronts are costly both to novices and professional archers.

However, the Archer SAS Rage 70lbs, 30” Compound Bow delivers all three at pocket-friendly prices and even allows you to explore any accessories available in the market its design is not rigid and so one can combine accessories that work for them to create their master compound bow.

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