Bear Archery Brave Bow Set Review

Hunting is a fun activity that people of ages can engage. One of the most paramount things that you need as a beginner is an ideal bow that is not complex. For parents who would love to train their kids how to hunt, you can use the Bear Archery Brave Bow Set.

This is a beginner set that I testify works great for my child. He is five years old now, and his hunting skills improve every day ever since he started using this set.

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set Review

The set comes with important items that make the hunting experience joyful. Some of the things include are two safety glass arrows, a quiver, whisker biscuit arrow, armguard, finger tab for safety and one pin sight.

With all these items, there is nothing that will prevent your little hunter to learn hunting faster. Let us review this incredible product in details and find out more about its features.


Using this bow is easy. However, it has been designed for right-hand users. Young shooters can improve their shooting skills with this bow and in the long run become very accurate shooters. Kids who use their left hand will not get the best with this bow, so they need to look for a model that suits them.

To add on to that, the bow is perfect for kids from the age of eight years and above. Children under that age bracket can use it with ease.

Long Lasting

If you are looking for a hunting set that will last for many years, this is the right unit to get. It’s fitted with a composite riser and limbs finished in black to provide durability and a great look. In as much as you may find the unit expensive, it will give you great shooting services for a long time hence provide you with value for your money. Give your child the ability to have a toy for life by getting him this bow right here.


Despite the fact that this is a beginner’s bow, it still does a good job in the field. The Bear Archery brave bow set has a black finishing which makes it look will surely stand out in the company of other bows. This bow also has a temporary tattoo on it. Isn’t that amazing?

Accessories inside the Box

The Bear archery brave bow set comes with other added items. 2 safety glasses and a 2-piece arrow quiver are some of the extras you’ll be getting. An arrow rest is also present.

This means that you get to save some extra cash since you won’t have to go and buy some of the needed items.

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  • checkIt has an adjustable draw weight
  • checkPerfect for users up to 8 years
  • checkMade with long-lasting components
  • checkIt comes with two glass safety arrows
  • checkIt is easy to use


  • The bow is not adjustable
  • Not ideal for left-hand users

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I believe this bow comes with arrows, right? What is the length of these arrows?

A: Yes, the bow comes with arrows measuring 24 inches.

Q: Is it easy to adjust the draw length of this bow?

A: No, you cannot. This is something I also wished the manufacturer would have considered. It is a great bow for kids, though.

Q: I wanted to buy this hunting bow for my 15-year-old boy. Is it worth the purchase?

A: This bow is designed for smaller kids from the age of eight years and up. I think it will be a great product if your kid is above that age. Just try it.

Final Verdict

The Bear Archery Brave bow set has proven to be a bow worth having. It has features that have made it stand out from the rest.

Its design provides for both durability and a cool look. So, if you have young kids, and you would love them to acquire some hunting skills, this bow will be perfect for them.

It is easy to use and most young shooters who learn shooting using this bow get it pretty quick. Just try it with your little one and you will love it.

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