The 5 Best Bow Hunting Jackets Review for 2019

The selection of the best bow hunting jackets in the market today is amazing. Every hunter has a range of varieties of jackets to choose from. They come in a variety of materials that are perfect for whatever weather conditions you will choose to hunt. There are jackets made of materials that can keep you warm in cold temperatures, keep you dry during a downpour, keep you from perspiring, keep your movements quiet, provide concealment, eliminate odors, among others.

The bow hunting jackets are available in many styles depending on the special specifications and preferences of each hunter. They are also available in different patterns and forms, depending on the hunting area, to provide camouflage during the hunt.

If you need a nice hunting jacket that will make you blend with the environment where you’re going to hunt, you’ve come to the right page. We have reviewed several models that will ensure that your hunting experience will be fun and memorable.

Best Bow Hunting Jackets


Scent-Lok Men’s Head Hunter Storm Jacket
  • 100% Polyester
  • Highly water resistant
  • Safety harness access opening
Reebow Gear Men’s Military
  • an insulated liner and zip up front
  • Roll out Hood that can fold into a collar
  • 2 sleeve zipper pockets
Scent-Lok Men’s Lightweight Jacket
  • Lightweight fabric helps you beat the heat
  • Activated carbon technology helps adsorb odor
  • Two waist pockets for gear storage
Scent-Lok Men’s Waterproof Jacket
  • Non-Insulated Waterproof jacket
  •  The long raglan sleeves
  • Activated carbon and zeolite to adsorb odors
Badlands Enduro Jacket
  • Waterproof zips
  • 4 X Scent reduction
  • Soft shell quiet fabric

1. Scent-Lok Men’s Head Hunter Storm Jacket

For hunters that have yet to get the perfect hunting jacket, check out one of the best bowhunting jackets in the market today – the Scent-Lok Men’s Head Hunter Storm Jacket. It comes with features that will you love, especially one that allows you to go on with the hunt despite bad weather.

Scent-Lok Men's Head Hunter Storm Jacket

Highly Water Resistant

The jacket has a water-resistant Teflon-coated shell that prevents water from pooling. It has a moisture wicking microfleece liner that keeps you dry by transporting the moisture and accelerating fast drying from the inside, making it easier to do what you have to despite the rains.

Technology Used

It has a carbon alloy technology that helps to absorb game-spooking odors. This technology assists in combining carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to help absorb odors and provide the best environment while on the hunt.

Comfortable and Ease of Use

This hunting jacket provides you with the utmost comfort while using it. It has a removable hood that includes an inbuilt face mask for concealment and warmth. It has zippered sleeves that lock in human scent, making sure that your prey won’t be spooked by your smell.


The jacket has six pockets with zippers that are easy to access. They provide you with ample space for storage of tools that you may need.

2. Guide Gear Men’s Guide, Dry Hunt Parka, Waterproof, Insulated

Our Guide Gear Men’s Guide Dry Hunt Parka was designed by hunters who know how miserable a cold, soggy day in the field can be without the right gear.

High Durability

This jacket has a dry waterproof and breathable membrane, 150g Thinsulate Insulation, longer shirttail hem for better coverage, and six handy pockets for storing everything from calls and ammo to the smoked turkey sandwich you packed for lunch.

Reebow Gear Men's Military Special Ops Softshell Tactical Jacket

Comfort and Ease of Use

The whisper-quiet 180g polyester Tricot shell stands up to harsh conditions yet won’t betray your presence in a crunchy, noisy movement. The Tricot shell is soft and quiet, but durable for stealthy, long-lasting wear in demanding conditions.

The high chest and back feature provide extended protection against the cold and wet. This jacket has a fully lined interior with 150g Thinsulate insulation that is warm, comfortable, and slides on easily over layers. The Guide Dry waterproof/breathable membrane keeps you dry even in rainy, snowy, or slushy conditions.


This jacket has a removable, insulated hood with chin guard that keeps your head warm and also features an extended visor for protection from precipitation and the glaring sun. It has storm cuffs at the wrist, which have thumb holes to help you maintain sharp-shooting dexterity without sacrificing warmth.

Also, it has a front zipper with snap closure double storm guard that blocks moisture and wind from all angles. Its 2-snap adjustable waist provides a snug, tailored fit for better comfort and less bulk.


Two large snap closure front cargo pockets and two hidden zipper pockets provide secure storage.

3. Scent-Lok Men’s Lightweight Jacket

The Scent-Lok Men’s Lightweight Jacket is one of the best bowhunting jackets in the market today. It is designed for a hunter who intends to go hunting during the warm weather.

It features a highly breathable lightweight design with good moisture management. This type of jacket allows you to stay on the field even as the temperature and humidity in the hunting area rises.

Scent-Lok Men's Lightweight Jacket

Carbon Alloy Technology

This feature allows the carbon alloy to combine with activated carbon-zeolite and treated carbon to help absorb a larger spectrum of odors as well as targeting specific odors better. This helps you eliminate bad odors while going on with your activities even in a foul and smelly environment.

Reglan Sleeves

This feature in the jackets helps extend the sleeves in one piece up to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone, making it easy for mobility while hunting on the field.


The Scent Lok Men’s Lightweight Jacket is made from lightweight materials. The fabrics used help you beat the heat in warm conditions and also reduce the bulkiness of the jacket, making it the best to use in such conditions.

Pocket Storage

This jacket has two waist pockets designed for gear storage. The pockets are conveniently located to give the user easy access when in need. The two waist pockets are also large enough to provide storage for any other essentials that you might need.

4. Scent-Lok Men’s Waterproof Jacket

Another product from the same highly-rated company, the Scent Lok Men’s Waterproof Jacket is well designed for any hardcore hunter who wishes to hunt even during the worst weather. The jacket is 100% polyester, waterproof, and with scent control.

Scent-Lok Men's Waterproof Jacket

Dual Storm Flaps

This waterproof jacket has dual storm flaps at the center, in front with snaps, and a zipper. This feature is designed to protect the zipper from the rain. This also helps to keep you and your gear dry.

Carbon Alloy Technology

​The jacket has carbon alloy which combines the power of activated carbon, treated carbon, and zeolite for maximum scent control.


The jacket has a good design, with a hooded parka and three hood adjusters. This makes it easier for the hunter to adjust the hood. It has two zippered pockets, giving you space for storage of items they might need.


This feature allows you to continue hunting even when the weather changes because the jacket is waterproof. This jacket is perfect for rapidly changing mid-season conditions (40-60 degrees).

5. Badlands Enduro Jacket

A Badlands jacket makes the hunting experience easier and smoother because it is loaded with hunter-friendly features. While the jacket provides high insulation, there is also freedom of movement for the hunter without the bulk.

The jackets provide the best comfort, and they also have weather-proof performance.

Badlands Enduro Jacket


The jacket has a four times scent containment technology. This helps attack odor in four ways. It has a silver coating on the outside and inside, and the fabric is made from bamboo and coffee which are bio-mapped into high odor areas.

High Durability

​The jackets are made of polyester ripstop, and they have brushed nylon tricot that ensures that you can wear the jacket for many years without damage. It is Kevlar-reinforced for high wear areas for increased durability.


These jackets have DuPont Teflon water repellency and aramid reinforcement, making them waterproof. They also have a bio thermic outer layer that prevents wind and rain from getting inside the jacket.


The Badlands Enduro jacket has a hex-lite fleece liner with a honeycomb design that increases heat retention. It traps warm air within interlinking channels while greatly reducing bulkiness. The jackets have a custom-treated fleece shell that has a breathable bio thermic outer layer.

Features To Consider For Best Bow Hunting Jacket

Features to Consider in Bow Hunting Jackets

What do you check when looking for a hunting jacket? Do you just pick any jacket that you come across? Of course, you should not! Follow these simple tips that will help you select the best hunting jacket.

Reduced Noise

The best bow hunting jacket must be extremely quiet. It should be made with materials that are quiet enough for bow hunting since you need to be as close as possible to the target to get a clear cut and an accurate shot.

Therefore, there should be minimal noise from the jacket to avoid scaring the animals away, because the bow is noisy enough when you are trying to shoot them.


The bow hunting jacket should be lightweight for easy mobility while hunting. While you probably have plenty of other heavy gears, you need to have a lightweight jacket that reduces the weight as much as you can. Depending on the activity level, a heavy jacket will slow you down and make you tired while hunting.


The bow hunting jacket should provide you protection from various weather elements such as the wind, snow, and rain. It should be layered with the best materials that are waterproof and windproof.

It should also have a good venting technology to vent off excess heat and still retain body heat, depending on the anticipated temperatures in the hunting area. Choose a bow hunting jacket that is perfect for all types of weather.

Form Fitting

In addition to the already mentioned features to consider when selecting the best bowhunting jacket, you must ensure that the jacket you choose also fits you well.

This feature is crucial since it helps to avoid bulk for when you use it on the field. While you still need to stay warm, you don’t need your bow string getting caught on the jacket every time you try to go in for the kill.

Other Considerations

  • checkWaterproof and windproof
  • checkSize
  • checkLayering
  • checkVenting
  • checkLarge-sized pockets for easy accessibility
  • checkComfortable and easy to use

Final Words

If you are looking to buy a new bow hunting jacket, any of these jackets will do just fine! They are designed for the best performance no matter the weather. You cannot use just any jacket for bow hunting; the best bowhunting jackets should have all the factors mentioned in this review to make your experience smoother.

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