Best Bow Sight For Hunting for 2019

For a better shot using your bow, you need a bow sight to help you aim perfectly. By using the bow sight, you get to see exactly where the arrow is pointing at hence reducing chances of missing the target by ninety-nine percent.

You can blame the one percent on other factors such as the wind and not lack of a perfect aim. That being said a bow sight is not just a bow sight; you need a top notch bow sight for excellent serviceability and durability just to mention but a few.

A good bow sight makes an amateur shot like a pro; I do not mean that bow sights are for amateurs, though. Expert archers need them too for that extra precision and accuracy at a fair price I think you will need to get yourself one of the below bow sights.

Best Bow Sight For Hunting in 2019


Draw WeightDraw LengthPrice
Leader Accessories Compound Bow

30 – 55 lbs

19″ – 29″

ATROPOS-171 Archery Hunting Recurve Bow

30-60 lbs


Tauren Boy Scouts Brave Cupid Hawkeye Bow

20 lbs


Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compounds bow

17-21 lbs


SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

175 lbs


1. Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs

I have tried various bows, but this worked better. It can be used by a variety of people ranging from the hunting experts, beginners and also women.

Have peace of mind knowing that you own one of the best bows that is not prone to any physical damage.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Two Additional Arrows

This bow comes along with two arrows, a 30-inch aluminum arrow and also 30-inch carbon arrows. These arrows came along with the bow.

Adjustable Draw Weight and Length

For accurate shooting, efficiency and greater penetration you need to adjust the draw weight. And if you require higher comfort then you can either increase or decrease the draw length.

High Speed

For accurate killing shot, you need to have a fast moving arrow so as not to alert the prey. The bow has a fast speed of 310 fps this is a high arrow speed. This high speed does not provide any area for vibration hence big catches are maintained.

Aluminum Riser

For ensured durability, the bow is made up an aluminum riser which is much stable than any other making material. The aluminum riser is well fitted in the bow to ensure that the hunter is not distracted by any external pressure that may arise.

2. ATROPOS-171 Archery Hunting Recurve Bow Right Handed Long Bow Set

Hunting requires the best performing gear for the best results of hunting. This model is designed in that is can perform the best among all other rated bows. Here are some of the best-rated features of this particular bow.


This bow model is made of durable making materials. The magnesium riser is well done as it is strong and also durable for the longest period as possible.

ATROPOS-171 Archery Hunting Recurve Bow Right Handed Long Bow Set

It also comes with a DYN string which is very durable, and it is not prone to tear and wear which may be caused by stretching.


The manufacturer fully does the assembly of this bow it comes when fully assembled and compact. The arrow installation is simple such as the arrow rest, the viewing sight and also installation of the stabilizer. This fitting has to be properly done, and it is well illustrated in the assembling manual.

Good Hand Feeling

For comfortable shooting, you hand to be holding the bow and should be at the high level of comfort. Having a comfortable shoot and more so a perfect one your holding angle determine whether it will hit the required aim or not.

Included Options

The bow comes along with some other additional options; some of them require to be fitted into the bow while others are just bowing spares. These options include the following one riser, two bow limbs, one bow string and one Allen key.

3. Tauren Boy Scouts Childrens Toys Games Kids Brave Cupid Hawkeye Bow

Parents have not only the role of educating their children but also identify their children passions and talents.

In this case parents with children who have children with hunting passion, this is the best bow for them. Children can continuously increase their hunting tactics with time.

This bow is featured with better features working with young/youth hunters.

Tauren Boy Scouts Childrens Toys Games Kids Brave Cupid Hawkeye Bow

Soft Grip Handle

Young adults may be sensitive to any product bought to them as either a gift or an essential item to them. This product is the best gift for children as it is well finished. Its handle is soft and also gives a soft grip of the handle. This provides handling comfort and in turn gives better results.

Additional Fitting

The manufacturer is well informed the struggles the parent may be going through at the purchasing of different hunting gear. In that case, the bow comes along with three strong arrows and also a quiver for proper storage of the arrows to reduce the rates of injuries.

Ideal Curve Bow

This recurve bow is the best feature for introducing the young adults into the hunting areas. This recurve of this model can shoot a prey which is at a distance of 25″. This is a great distance for any child to be able to shoot a prey at that range of distance.

Made Of Wood

This model is fully made of wood. It is not just any wood, but it is made of a hardwood wood which cannot break under any pressure. Also the wood is well done to suit your child required design.

4. Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compounds bow

This model is designed as a compound bow, and it gives the best results for a beginner. Every beginner should consider using this model as it is best suited for them.

This bow model is well designed to suit every shooter a chance to enjoy the shooting. It has some features which set it apart from others.

Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compounds bow

Integrated Handle

An integrated handle is very essential for optimum comfort and accurate hits. This model is best for right handed hunters. The handle grip is well done, and it is comfortable for anyone.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is an important feature to in the shooting events. This model has a draw weight ranging from 17-21lb.This is an awesome weight for beginners willing to learn the art of shooting. It is, therefore, the most ideal bow for starters.

Added Packages

This bow comes together with some additional package such two composite youth arrows, two pieces of quiver, arm guard and finger tabs they are all aimed at giving the shooter a comfort.


This model is made such that it is stable and balanced to give shooter peace of mind and concentration.

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5. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

Target locating may be quite a task for any hunter. This model is designed to locate any prey at any angle or any given distance.

Hitting the prey with precision is one of the may desires that many hunters need here is the bow you need to increase your expertise.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

High Speed

This bow has the highest speed so far as the arrow can move at 240 feet per second. This is a very high speed and in most cases, it hits the prey with much precision as the scope provides clear viewing.

Easy to Camouflage

Camouflaging can be a hunting tactic that helps the hunter to move closer to the prey. Patterns are done onto the bow so as to blend itself into the environment. Not only the bow should camouflage but also the hunter’s clothes should be alike with the surrounding environment.

4×32 Reticule Scope

This is a unique feature that is well technological advanced as it helps the shooter to hit the prey with precision. The scope has a high viewing ability as to can clearly view the prey despite its distance.

Quick Detach Quiver

A quiver is very important as it is used to store your hunting arrows. If the arrows are not safely kept, they may bring injuries or even death. This quiver is allowed arrows to be detached faster.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Bow for Deer Hunting

The following include some of the major considerations you should weigh before spending a fortune on the hunting bow:


Cost is one of the factors that a prospective bow buyer has to consider before taking any action of buying a bow. Consider buying a bow bearing in mind your financial strength does not put more pressure on yourself when buying. The beginners have to consider a cheaper bow for better practicing.


Deer hunting is not just taking a piece of cake since you have to have a high speed shooting bow for faster and accurate target hitting .Also, consider a high comfortable bow to speed as having a speed shooting may not easily hit the prey.

Heavy and Light Bow

Every hunter has his or her favorite bow weight. I have practically used both light weight and heavy weight bow. They are both efficient considering your muscle holding capacity and also required comfort.

Draw Length

Consider having a perfect draw length of accurate shooting and also comfortable shooting. Long draw length may have a high arrow speed but may miss the prey as it is not much accurate. It is, therefore, better to consider a shorter but a perfect draw length.

Final Words

Bows are not all the same as they may have different features to satisfy different needs. Every hunter has their specific tastes for bows.

Bows are categorized according to age and weight so you do not expect a young hunter to use the same bow as an experienced hunter.

Bow choice may only be made by you as I may not know your taste and ability. But if you are an avid deer hunter, trust me, any of these hunting bows will do you great.

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