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Hunting has definitely gone through a vigorous revolution. A close preview on various aspects of hunting, gives in-depth insight on the changes this activity has undergone. These factors can be simplified into; hunting tools and skills, hunting motives and hunting results.

To begin with, hunting skills and tools really changed. It was initially done using crude weapons, modern tools are now in use, and their level of accuracy is quite exceptional. The initial reason for hunting was to provide food, actually it was a job occupation. In the 21st century, hunting is sport.

Our fore fathers had exceptional hunting skills, however we cannot compare their skills to ours. There was a large error margin in their hunting days, the modern hunting is precise, there is a higher likelihood that of nailing the game.

Teaching your kids how to hunt is an interesting activity. This requires you to buy them the best bows designed for kids so that they can learn shooting fast and easier. If you have a kid interested in hunting, try to buy them any of the hunting bows reviewed here, and they will go to be professional hunters…

Best Hunting Bow For Kids Reviews in 2019


Draw WeightDraw LengthPrice
Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow

19-45 lbs


Barnett Outdoors Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set

25 lbs

24 – 26″

Archery Training Kids Bow

15-20 lbs


Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

18 lbs


Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue

25 lbs


1. Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow

This is a perfect bow that you can get to give your little one the best time shooting. Training with this bow allows them to learn faster and gain accuracy.

Vamp compound bow

It has a vamp compound bow with sight, therefore your kid can easily learn on how to aim at targets. This feature aims at improving your kids aiming accuracy. Its users can easily change the range without losing the target.

Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow

Ease of handling

It is a lightweight type of bow, therefore it is easy to carry this type of bow. Its light weight design makes the bow to be portable. Kids can easily learn to use this type of bow since the operation procedures are simplified.

Camouflage color

It color easily blends in with the immediate environment. Due to its color, this bow is of great use in the woods. The camouflage feature is attractive, it’s a feature that any kid will consider to be outstanding.

Standard draw weight

It has a standard draw weight, this weight is estimated to range between 24 and 45 Ibs. It’s a standard safety feature that ensures that your kids will develop normally despite engaging in this sport at an early age. The adjustable draw modules allow easy change, without a bow press.

2. Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set

For those who are looking for a nice bow for their kids that provide excellent grips. The Barnett is one amazing hunting bow that your kids will love using.

Soft touch grip

It is a standard safety feature for this type of bow. The soft touch grip ensures that its users maintain grip on the bow especially when it’s in use.

Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set

The soft aspect ensures that comfort is maintained when aiming or during the shooting process. There is a close relationship between hitting the target and comfort.

Ambidextrous reinforced handle

This is an additional safety feature that compliments the soft touch feature. Its users can therefore comfortably use this type of bow. The reinforced handle also ensures that its users maintain a high level of shooting accuracy.

Adjustable sight

Users of this type of bow can conveniently adjust their shooting range without losing the target. The adjustable sight ensures that they accurate shooting range on the target. It’s the best way to train your kid to be a pro- archer

Finger rollers

It is an enhanced feature that is aimed at helping your kid to be a pro archer. It is designed to reduce the force required to hold the string at full draw. It gives your kid more time to aim with less muscle stress.

3. Archery Training Kids Bow

If your child is new to hunting, the Archery wooded bow will help them train better. The bow provide young hunters with a nice grip. it is also packed with some quality features.

Variable hand use

This is a factor that other types of bows do not put into consideration. This bow is designed in a way that the bow can accommodate both left and right handed kids.

Archery Training Kids Bow

It is the best type of bow use in training kids of between ages four to eight years. This bow can be used by more than one kid, for example if you had both a left handed and right handed kid, they can share.

Bow length

The average bow length go this particular bow is estimated to be 358.40 inches. This is a friendly bow length for young kids. They can easily learn to be pro archers without damaging their muscle growth pattern as a result of drawing the bow over long lengths.

Arm guard

This is an additional safety feature that is packaged with this bow. Other features that this bow has include two pieces of fiberglass arrows, a finger guard and one piece of bow. The fiberglass arrows are strong and durable.


Its price is relatively low, despite its outstanding features, this bow is an economic choice. It can be afforded by most average income earners who wish to train their kids to on bow hunting but are running on a shoe-string budget.

4. Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

Equip your child with the right hunting skills by buying them a hunting bow they can use conveniently. The Barnett is a recognized model in the hunting bows for kids sector.

Child archery set

This are additional items that the child can use when training. They include a set of fiberglass arrows, a set of figure guards and a carrying case. This additional package is aimed at encouraging your child to love the sport.

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

Adjustable pin sight

It is a replica of the adjustable sight. Its main aim is to help the kids to make accurate hits on the targets. The adjustable pin also helps the kids to quickly and easily adjust their shooting range without losing the target.

Ambidextrous soft touch riser

This is a feature that helps the child to make accurate hits on the target. It also helps the user to be comfortable when aiming since the soft rubber cushions the user’s hands from getting blisters.

Compact design

It has a compact design, it’s made of string material with most of its accessories carrying the same compact design. It is a durable type of bow, it is a recommendable type of bow to use in training kids.

5. Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue

What do you check when buying a hunting bow for your little kid? Many people consider a lot of things, which is a good thing. For those who want a hunting bow for right-handed kids.

Draw weight

It has a recommendable draw weight that most children can carry. It is therefore a portable type of bow. Its average draw weight ranges between 6 to 29 Ibs. Its drawing length settings can be accommodated by most kids.

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue

Anti-block out system

This type of bow has an anti-block out system that prevent limbs from detaching. This is a basic safety measure that ensures that arrows will only detach from the bow when they are well placed.

3 pin sight

This feature allows its users to easily change their shooting range without losing the target. It also helps the user in making an accurate aim on the target. This feature can be of great help in improving the kid’s target.

No- bow press requirement

This type of bow does not require a bow adjustments for the user to change the shooting range. It can therefore accommodate a wide shooting range. It saves a lot of time that otherwise unconsumed when making this adjustments.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Hunting Bow for Kids

Kids who are introduced to a sport at an early age will definitely ace at the game. The following factors can help you choose the right type of bow for your kid.

Precise thoughts

It is easy for any adult to buy his own bow, this is not the case when buying a boy for your son or daughter. It is therefore important that you have the right mindset before making an order. They are nitty-gritties to consider when buying a bow for a kid, their requirements, and what kids fancy is completely different from what adults want.


The child’s age is an important factor to consider, since not all bows are suitable for kids. Most youth bows are universal, thus can be used by all kids with no need for future upgrade, however choose a bow that perfectly fits your kid.

Bow mass weight

This is an important factor or consider especially when buying bows for smaller kids. Bows whose relative weight is higher are deemed to give smaller kids a hard time. Choose a bow that your kid can easily carry.

Draw weight

Draw weight is an important factor to consider. It is necessary that you choose a bow whose relative draw weight matches your kid’s ability. It is a standard safety measure that ensures that your child does not over develop some muscles. Young shooters are discouraged from using very large bows since they promote an uncoordinated body development.

Speed and noise

Modern bows have the ability to shoot over long distances, bows that are able to shoot heavy arrows at a fast speed will always be given preference. Quiet bows are also given preference over those that are generally noisy.

Recommend the Best Hunting Bow for Kids

The factors given above have equal weight, therefore they should all be used to determine the best bow for your kid.

There are numerous varieties of hunting bows for kids, a quick review on the common brands in the market can help the buyer to make a better judgment.

Final Words

Kid’s hunting bows play an important role of grooming them to be pro archers, the given types bows are all recommendable.

It is advisable that you shop for the best type of bow together with your kid, small features such as color might help you in making the design on the best type of bow.

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