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Choosing the best bow may be such a burden or even confusing to you considering there are tens of bows on the market. Any professional hunter, a beginner or a parent willing to show his or her children about hunting you are in the right place.

Hunters require some high-quality hunting gear for effective hunting. Compound bows are innovative products that are made to enhance your hunting skills. These bows are made to suit the needs of beginners, men, women and even youths who are out for hunting.

Because the market is flooded with many compound hunting bows, find the best bow becomes a challenge. But with my expertise in the field of bows, I believe this piece will help you select the best compound bow that matches your hunting needs.

Best Hunting Compound Bow Review in 2019


Draw WeightDraw LengthPrice
SAS Rage Compound Bow

55 – 70 lbs

25″ – 31″

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

30 – 55 lbs

19″ – 29″

ATROPOS-109A Archery Compound Hunting Bow

40 – 60 lbs


ATROPOS M109 Black/Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow

30 lbs


I may not be in the right position to give you the best bow you need in your hunting. But I may give the beginner advice. For starters, do not use the bows that are used by the experienced hunter as they may be complicated. Consider any of these compound bows perfect for purchase.

1. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

If you are searching on a high accurate and most affordable bow, this is the bow you should know you should consider buying.

This model is durably constructed to give you service and also your value for your money.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow


This bow is one of the cheapest bows in the market hence affordable to any level of a hunter. Being cheap due not conclude that the bow is of low quality.

Easy To Aim

The model is well balanced and also comfortable. Aiming requires of a balanced and personal concentration. Having this model, it’s featured with fittings which increase the bow stability.

Adjustable Drawing Weight

Drawing weight is a feature that will facilitate the movement and penetration into the prey. The construction of this bow allows you to adjust the drawing weights from 55-70 pounds. With this, you increase the range of prey to target.

Small and Medium Prey

Hunting requires identifying the best prey to shoot and where they are found. This bow can shoot small and medium prey since there is an additional feature of adjustable drawing weights which enhances penetration into medium animals.

Click here to read the in-depth review.

2. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Hunting as an outdoor activity has to be colorful considering that you are enjoying your time taking part in your hobby.

Having this bow, you are guaranteed to have the best shooting accuracy and also value for your money.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow


This bow is manufactured using high quality and durable materials in that it can give you a long lasting service. The bow part is made of hard aluminum for durable life. The parts of the bow are well assembled by the manufacturer.

Range Of Drawing Weight

This bow type is made in such a way that it can fit a range of drawing weights. This makes is suitable for long distance shooting accuracy, killing small, medium and large preys. The hunter has a wide range of prey to shoot and kill hence a better hunting outcome.

Additional Attached Product

This bow model is customer-favoring as it has additional fitting in it such as two 30″hard aluminum arrows the arrows are well made to oppose any wind opposition and are hard to break other additional features are fiber optic sight, releasing aid D-shaped string loop.

Two different colors

The bow is available in two different finish that is the black and autumn camo. The hunter can choose from the two different finish graphics hence color tastes is enhanced. These colors are not bright hence the hunter can hide from the prey without being seen.

3. ATROPOS-109A Archery Compound Hunting Bow

Going into the hunting field requires you to have confidence in your hunting gear in that you have to have the best rated and quality hunting gear which includes a bow.

This bow is best suited for both medium. Large prey since the penetration level is very high to kill the prey hence hunting game gives better results.

ATROPOS-109A Archery Compound Hunting Bow

Easily Adjustable

This bow model is easy to adjust any adjustable feature in it. The draw weight and also draw lengths are easily adjustable. They can either be increased or even decreased depending on the hunters’ favorable settings of the features.

Durable Material

The bow is made up of durable making materials which last long for the hunter to have a long lasting period and also value for money. The making materials are either aluminum alloy or even carbon which are not breakable and can counter any pressure against it.

Right and Left Handed

Hunter may vary from which hand they use and is the most strong. Having in mind this factor the manufacturer has put measure to ensure that all left and right handed people have a chance of using the bow. The bow is made separately each consisting of either right and left hand and eye viewing.

Accurate and Efficient

This bow type is well balanced and stable thus giving the hunter high level of comfort thus he/she accurately shots the prey keeping in mind that only the aimed prey are well hit. The bow is efficient are it gives the hunter service and also value for his or her initial capital.

4. ATROPOS M109 Black/Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow

This model is the newest in available market. I have tried it and its working as it has a new and distinguished design. The following are some of its features.

Magnesium Alloy

This bow is made up of magnesium alloy which is hard enough to absorb any pressure and also absorb any resulting vibration.

ATROPOS M109 Black/Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow Set Black

12 Draw Lengths

This feature is important in that you can adjust the bow into 12 draw length hence it can be used by people of different heights.

Triangular Design

This is the newest model in the bow technology hence you trust it as the manufacturer has put all consideration regarding a good bow. This model is modified to suit many hunters who are either the old or even the experienced hunters.

Black And Camo Are Finishing

This model is well finished to ensure that it is admirable for any hunter, but it is not easily seen at a far distance by the targeted prey. Such graphics enable ever hunter to choose the favorite design.

What to Look When Buying Hunting Compound Bow

Having additional information about a product allows a buyer to make the right selection. For compound bows, remember the following points before you buy any product.


There are different models in the market. Each model contains specific features which are attached to them. Every hunter has different tastes on different bows hence you are given the liberty of choosing the best model that suits you.

Drawing Weight

Drawing weight is an essential factor to ensure it the required amount. Drawing weight is the key controller of speed, distance and the rate of penetration. The higher the weight the high the rate of speed, longest distances and high penetration for bigger preys.

Personal Stature

The hunter stature must go hand in hand with the bow height. Taller hunters require longer height bow for due comfort, and shorter hunters require shorter bows for comfortable shooting.

The Prey

The prey should determine the bow you purchase in that if your targeted prey is a large animal then consider buying a bow which has a higher weight for longer penetration.

Final Words.

Hunting is common in most parts of the world, but it is important to consider the necessary government approvals and restrictions. You can only practice the best hunting tactics if you have well-updated hunting gear.

You do not have to buy very expensive compound hunting bow for the best results but has the passion and though training events. To have the best results, you need to have the best gear information as I have provided.

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