5 Good Hunting Crossbow To Buy in 2019

Nowadays, Modern hunting weapons include rifles, shotguns, handguns etc. Despite having modern hunting weapons, modified hunting tools such as the hunting crossbow are still widely popular to the American hunting community.Hunting is one of the oldest activities that man has engaged in. It has evolved over the years, in recent times hunting is viewed to be more of a sporting activity other than an economic activity.Whether you look for a crossbow for leisure activities, hunting or sports, we have prepared an awesome list with review and rating. Check these top 5 most affordable crossbow for any type of game in the world. I will take you through this guide that covers some of the best deer hunting Crossbow for 2018 and their features which are worth your money.

Best Hunting Crossbow in 2018

There are different types of crossbows in the market; here is a quick review of the common brands of crossbows showing their best attributes.

1. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

This is a crossbow designed to give its users an ultimate hunting experience. The bow comes with a manual and safety videos in which users can use to understand its performance.

Divided Fore Grip

It is easy to use this type of crossbow because it has a fore grip that ensures that it cannot slip from your hand when in use.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

The divided fore grip ensures that its users are comfortable during the shooting process. Comfort is necessary for an excellent hunting experience.

Barnett’s ADF MIM Trigger

This is a special feature for this type of crossbow. It provides a smooth 3.4 Ib trigger pull and an added benefit to the pica tinny rail. It has a military style stock design that makes it lightweight and compact. It guarantees to give its users a memorable hunting experience.

Quad Limb Assembling Mechanism

This is an easy method of assembling a crossbow. You can, therefore, assemble this type of crossbow within minutes and begin to aim for the target. It also has high- energy wheels and a synthetic string and cable system that ensure that arrows are thrown at high velocity.

Additional Arrows And A Detach Quiver

It has an additional package that consists of some 20-inch arrows as well as a quick –detach quiver. Therefore you can conveniently carry your arrows in the quick –detach quiver. The whole package is light enough to allow you to carry it over long distances.

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2. Leader Accessories Crossbow Package

Leader has been the leading brand in production of quality outdoor items for over 30 years. The company produces quality hunting crossbows that every hunter will appreciate.

The Leader Accessories Crossbow Package is one of the top selling product of this company.

Leader Accessories Crossbow Package

Aluminum Arrows

The arrows for this type of crossbow are made from aluminum. The main advantage of having an aluminum crossbow is; firstly, they cannot get rust. Secondly, they are deemed to cause big fatal injuries on the targets.

Three Red Dot Single Scopes

The three red dot single scope feature helps the users of this type of crossbow to have a higher level of accuracy when aiming the target. It gives the user a higher chance of hitting his target. This is the main feature that differentiates traditional bows from modern crossbows.

Green Camouflage Color

This type of crossbow has a green pigmentation that easily blends with most habitats. The jungle green color is not only useful in enabling the hunter to blend with the hunting habitat, but also gives the hunter a hunting thrill.

Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism

This is a mechanism that protects the user from shooting the weapon without an arrow in place. This mechanism is a spring that is loaded redundant safety bar that remains in place until the arrow is seated properly.

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3. Rogue River Tactical 50lb Mini Crossbow

This is a unique crossbow that combines heritage and expertise to give its users a good hunting time.

Adjustable Sights

This is an already installed feature for this type of crossbow. The purpose of this feature is to enhance accuracy when shooting. It allows hunters to have a memorable hunting time by ensuring that shooting is precise.

Rogue River Tactical 50lb Mini Crossbow

Draw Weight

It has a draw weight that is approximately 50 Ibs. This is a recommendable weight for a crossbow since its users can give an easy time to lock their target, shoot as well to adjust their shooting range quickly.

Plastic Bolts

This is one of the additional packages of this type of crossbow. The plastic bolts have field tips and bowstrings .They ensure that the user has an excellent shooting experience. This type of crossbow can shoot to a range of thirty-five yards.


It has exceptional quality for small –game hunting. It also actively competes with bigger crossbows. It is fairly priced, and can be afforded by most average income earners.

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4. Camouflage Hunting Crossbow

The 150 Ib type of crossbow is a widely used type of crossbow, and its color enables. It to camouflage to the immediate environment.

Auto-Safety Cocking Mechanism

It’s a basic safety feature that has been included in this type of crossbow. It allows its users to quickly adjust shooting range without losing the target. It saves time since the user does not have to manually cock the crossbow before shooting.

Camouflage Hunting Crossbow

Laser Sight

It improves the user’s vision on the target. This feature is geared to help the user improve his shooting accuracy. Its scope dimensions are estimated to be 4 x 30.

Black Stock Feature

The black stock and fiberglass limb features are additional segments of this type of crossbow. They are nicely polished; their main aim is to ensure that the user has precise accuracy.

Unique Design

It is has a fancy design; it’s polished fiberglass and the black stock feature ensures that the user’s esteem is raised during hunting. Its ideal design is aimed at eliminating the disdained thought of hunting.

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5. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

It is a model crossbow, of the SA sports crossbow series. The bow is lightweight which makes it easy for many hunters.

Multi-Reticle Scope

This is an incredible feature that allows its users to adjust their shooting range. The multi-reticle scope allows hunters to have a wider shooting range. With this range, its users can shoot distant targets with much precision.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

Camouflage Pattern

This is a pattern that allows this type of crossbow to blend easily with the environment. Its users can, therefore, lock on their targets with minimal suspicion. This crossbow also has a high shooting speed that ensures that its users hit the target with precision.

Auto-Safety Feature

It has an ambidextrous safety feature that keeps its users protected from accidental discharge. This feature ensures that the crossbow does not misfire, the arrow only exists from the crossbow only when it is correctly placed.

Quick Detach Quiver

This is an additional package for this crossbow. The quick detach quiver allows the user to carry some arrows. You can quickly load the arrows from the quiver without losing the target.

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Hunting Crossbow

The following factors are aimed at giving buyers insight before making a choice on the best type of hunting crossbow. They are a sample of the numerous factors that can be used to make this choice.

Types of Crossbows

There are two main types of crossbows, they are the compound and recurve types of crossbows. Their main distinction is that compound crossbows have mechanisms that make it easier to draw the string; they also shoot faster than the recurve crossbows. The latter is an improved version of the traditional bow.

Draw Weight

All types of bows have a common fact; the higher the draw eight, the higher the shot speed, however, there is no standard mechanism for measuring the speed of a crossbow. Choose a crossbow that you can easily carry as well as one that is easy to draw and shoot over a long distance.

The Sight or Scope of the Crossbow

Most crossbows have a basic optical sight. There are four categories of the scope i.e. single red dot, single reticle optical, triple red dot and the Multi- reticle optical.

The red dot style scopes are battery powered thus can be turned on and off, your choice of scope will, therefore, be important since some types of scope require a lot of labor as you change to adjust the shooting targets.

Noise Levels

This is another factor that a buyer should consider, noise can have a devastating impact on hunting success, a relatively quiet type of crossbow is deemed to give favorable hunting results.

Final Words

The given types of hunting crossbows have admirable qualities, most of them are recommendable they are perfect for any hunter out there looking forward to taking their hunting experience to a greater height.

All these bows come with incredible features, and i know you will have a great time using any of these products.

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