The 6 Best Ladder Stands for Bow Hunting Reviewed in 2019

As summer approaches, bow hunting enthusiasts bring out their hunting accessories. After all, there is no better season for a hunting trip than the hot and sunny summer.

And most people know that a ladder stand is one of the essential pieces of equipment for any successful hunting trip. Many bow hunters now use ladder stands because of the convenience they provide.

If you want to have more success on your next hunting trip, find a ladder stand that fits fine on both your car trunk and on the tree. However, there are several brands and types of the ladder stand on the market today.

And many of them meet the typical bow hunting styles and standards. To help you find the right one, here is a list of the best ladder stands for bow hunting.

What to Look for in a Bow Hunting Ladder Hang on Tree Stand

Most ladder stands are inexpensive and easy to use for bow hunting. A great ladder stand is of the proper of height and has a wide, secure platform. But most of all, it should have a comfortable seat and the latest safety measures. A tall, secure hang on tree ladder stand should offer the following advantages for undisturbed bow hunting:

  • A greater view of the target and area of visibility.
  • Overall safety from wild animals.
  • A comfortable sitting position with additional safety harnesses.

The Many Advantages of Using a Hang on Tree Ladder Stand

There are several positive aspects of using a ladder stand during your hunting sessions. Since ladder stands increase your height, you will get a wider, clearer view of the hunting area. The added height also keeps you out of sight from your prey to give you enough time to prepare for the perfect shot.

Game animals can detect the slightest movement and will depart the area within seconds. But when you are on a ladder stand, you can move easily without attracting them. Additionally, sitting in a high place protects you from dangerous animals in the woods. Also, when you shoot a gun or bow from the top of a tree stand, the shot goes at a downwards angle with greater gravity force.

This means the bow or bullet will hit the ground when it misses the target. Therefore, there is a minimum probability of stray shots hitting any other animals nearby. Many stands come with a two-person sitting area. Having a hunting companion is helpful for hunters who become bored when sitting alone for a long time.

Best Hang on Tree Ladder Stands for Bow Hunting – 2019 Reviews

Product Name

HeightWeightPlatform DimensionPrice
Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand


68.5 lb

24″ x 25″w

Guide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand 


90 lbs

55″ x 14″

X-Stand The Jayhawk Ladder Stand, Black


122 lbs.

42″ Wide x 34″

Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand

19′ 1″

94 lb

69″ x 31″

Summit Solo Pro Ladder Stand


83.6 lbs

25″ W x 32″ D

Rivers Edge SYCT Wide Ladder Stand

17′ 2

70 lbs

26″ x 26″


Here are the top six ladder stands for bow hunting today. Consider your hunting needs while you read each one’s features, pros, and cons. Be sure to read to the end, so you’ll have a clearer idea of what you should purchase.

1. Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand

At 18 feet tall, the Guide Gear Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand is designed for hunters of all body frames and sizes. It can hold up to 350 pounds weight.

The durable steel frame attaches to the tree for more stability and safety. Here are some of the top features of this tree stand.

Spacious Seating

The 13.25 inches x 26.25 inches sitting platform provides enough space for you to sit comfortably all-day long. 

Guide Gear 18' Jumbo Ladder Tree Stan

For added comfort, the flip-up seat has backrest and padded arm-stand. There is also a large foot stand attached to the seat so you can stand properly without any fear of falling down.

A Cushioned Seat Pad with Silencers

The well-cushioned wide seat pad of this tree stand contains two dynamic silencers under the frame so you can be quiet in the field. Even if you make any sudden movements, these silencers make sure there is no noise that could possibly hamper your game.

Top Safety Measures

To ensure whole-body safety, this ladder has several safety harnesses that include a ratchet strap, two stabilizer straps and an adjustable support bar for secure attachment. Here are the pros and cons of the Guide Gear Jumbo Ladder.


  • checkDurable steel constructed ladder; doesn’t break or bend even after years of use.
  • check18 feet tall ladder to keep you at a safer distance from any danger with clear vision.
  • checkPadded flip-up seat to provide comfortable sitting.
  • checkIncludes a 24 by 25-inch large foot platform so that you can stretch your feet.
  • checkWell engineered, three pinned ladder sections assure easy transport and storage.
  • checkAffordable price range for everyone.


  • At 68 pounds, the ladder is quite heavy, so it may be difficult to transport.
  • Paint of the stand may come off easily.
  • Hard to assemble and the parts and bolts don’t have labels.
  • The ladder is not rustproof.
  • The user manual is unhelpful, no clear instructions about the ladder.
  • After-sales service isn’t always satisfactory.

2. Guide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand with Hunting Blind

If you want to enjoy some company during your hunting time, this Guide Gear 20 feet ladder tree stand is perfect. This wide spacious stand can accommodate up to two people together.

Furthermore, the padded seat, backrest, and arms stands make this tree stand extremely comfortable for an all-day hunting trip. Here are the benefits of using this tree stand.

Strong, Durable Construction

This ladder consists of strong, sturdy steel for durability and stability. 

Guide Gear 2 Person 20' Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand With Hunting Blind

Although steel makes the ladder quite heavy, it ensures that the ladder delivers optimal performance. It should hold up for several years use.

Amazing Height

This 20 feet tall ladder ensures that you have a better visual of the area. And when you see more, it’s probable that your success rate is also higher. That is because this exceptional height keeps you out of sight from your target and assures your safety from other animals.Ample Space

Ample Space

Tree stand incorporates a spacious seat as well as a 55 inch, large mesh foot platform. This makes it perfect for two adult people to sit comfortably and hunt together.Moreover, the extra-large foot stand enables you to stretch out so you can hunt comfortably for long periods.These are the pros and cons of the Guide Gear Two-Person Double Rail Ladder.


  • checkSteel constructed double-rail ladder design provide stability to the stand.
  • checkAdjustable, padded backrests to provide extra comfort.
  • checkFull blind concealment provides maximum safety.
  • checkThe adjustable ladder support bar ensures stability during hunting.
  • checkHas two ratchet straps and two fall-arrest safety systems.
  • checkPinned sections require less time to assemble the ladder.


  • Heavy in weight at approximately 90 pounds.
  • The zipper door is difficult to close because it’s below the stand.
  • The seat padding is thin, so it’s uncomfortable sitting for long hours.
  • Rusting starts quickly.
  • The price tag is a bit higher.

3. X-Stand the Jayhawk Ladder Stand

The 20 feet Jayhawk Ladder Stand is a tree stand for two people to sit all day and hunt. The extra wide padded seat, backrest and large platform ensure both bow hunters enjoy the optimal comfort while on the stand.

 Aside from comfort, the X-Stand ensures the safety of the hunters by providing two full body harnesses.

Ladder Structure

The ladder structure is of durable steel and they coated it with a black-colored weather defender. 

X-Stand The Jayhawk Ladder Stand

This defender keeps the ladder rust and corrosion free. It also minimizes the sound of the structure. You can expect these features with the X-Stand ladder.

Wide, Comfortable Seating

With a size of 39 by 17 inches, the seat of the Jayhawk Ladder Stand is wider than many of its competitors. Two people can sit without any unnecessary discomfort. Furthermore, the thick cushioned seats and backrests provide maximum comfort, even if you spend all day on the ladder.

Weight Limit

As this ladder stand is for two people, it’s extremely crucial that it has a higher weight limit. Keeping that in mind, X-Stand made sure this stand could accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight. Here are the pros and cons.


  • checkHelix oval tubing system assures durability and strength of the ladder.
  • checkThe extra-large platform provides more leg space.
  • checkComes with complimentary cup holders and additional hooks on both sides.
  • checkIncludes full-body safety harness for added safety measures.
  • checkHas self-lubricated nylon washers to avoid any metal-on-metal sound.


  • At 122 pounds, this ladder is heavier than most other ladders.
  • Assembly can be difficult and may require more time.
  • Expensive cost.

4. Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand

This versatile tree stand allows you to have a hunting companion. It can accommodate two people at once with ease. The wide platform can hold 300 pounds and provides enough space for both hunters to sit, stand and hunt comfortably.

V-Shaped Design

Rivers Edge uses a revolutionary V-shaped design that keeps both bow hunters tightly concealed on the tree.

Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand

Such a sitting arrangement ensures both hunters are safe. It also reduced the possibility of accidentally falling from such a height. Moreover, the V-shaped arrangement also provides a wide range of vision from both sides. Here are some more benefits of the Bowman Ladder Stand.

Amazing Seats

The TearTuff mesh seats are super-durable. You can also flip the seats up so both hunters can use the full platform comfortably. The most amazing feature of these mesh seats is that they are silent. They don’t create any sound due to body movement.

Tree Attachments

As the ladder is 19.9 feet tall, safety is a vital feature. This ladder is tree-attached, which means that it is securely concealed with the tree. This also provides more stability and safety. It also has two ratchet straps, safety tie-off ropes and a strong stabilizer bar that strongly binds the ladder with the tree. Read on for the pros and cons of the Bowman Ladder Stand.


  • checkHas a modern, versatile design.
  • checkThe stand offers maximum space for both hunters comfort.
  • checkYou can use this durable ladder for long periods of time.
  • checkThe 19.9 feet height gives optimal visuals of the area.
  • checkIncludes a full-body harness for additional safety measures.
  • checkThe wide platform delivers supreme comfort.


  • Sometimes this ladder comes with missing parts.
  • It may require more than one person to fully assemble the ladder.
  • The seats are not the most comfortable and don’t have backrests.

5. Summit Solo Pro Ladder Stand

They designed the Summit Solo Pro ladder stand ergonomically for both gun hunters and bow hunters. At 18 feet, this comfortable, spacious stand provides the perfect view of the surroundings. It also keeps hunters safe from dangerous animals.


Summit constructed this ladder stand of sturdy steel materials to make it strong and durable. 

Summit Solo Pro Ladder Stand

So, there is no chance of accidental breaking or bending. Moreover, the frame is powder coated to withstand harsh weather. The coating also means it won’t rust or corrode, too.

Roomy Platform

Although the Solo Pro is a single person ladder stand, it has a spacious, full-length platform of 25 by 32 inches. This big, wide platform gives enough leg space to stand and to stretch while in a sitting position.

Superior Comfort

Hunting often requires sitting for long periods. And this ladder stand comes with a wide, padded bench-style seat and padded backrest for maximum comfort. The gun rest is also cushioned for comfort to your arms and to avoid any unnecessary noise. These are the pros and cons of the Solo Pro Ladder Stand.


  • checkThe heavy-duty steel construction offers durability and strength.
  • checkHas a spacious single person standing platform.
  • checkOffers greater visibility of the area because of its 18-foot height.
  • checkThe removable bench seat provides extra standing space when necessary.
  • checkComes with the Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System to ensure optimal safety.
  • checkHas a budget-friendly price tag.


  • May require at least two people to fully set up the ladder.
  • The quality of the stand is not the same as other Summit ladders.
  • Comes with several nuts and bolts, so it may take some time to assemble.

6. Rivers Edge RE642 SYCT 2-Man Ladder Stand

At 17.5 feet tall, the SYCT Wide Ladder Stand from Rivers Edge is a great two people ladder. It also has an extra spacious platform, top safety standards and can accommodate a higher weight.

Beyond its usual design, this ladder stand also includes flared-out armrests and a flared shooting rail for extra comfort and safety. Here are some other advantages of the SYCT Wide Ladder Stand.

Rivers Edge RE642 SYCT 2-Man Ladder Stand

Platform Size

This ladder stand features an extra wide steel platform of 26 by 26 inches for ample space for two hunters. Also, you can flip the large seat up so that both hunters can access the platform and shoot prey without hesitation. This platform is suitable for relatively larger hunters.


The durable steel construction of this ladder stand delivers the right amount of stability for hunters. The ladder incorporates a dual stability blade and a five-point stability system that ensures safe climbing and maximum stability to avoid any unpleasant toppling off.

Safety Measures

Safety measures are a vital issue for bow hunters, so Rivers Edge installed ratcheting crisscross straps, two large ratchet straps and full-body safety harnesses for both hunters. The ladder also has a bark biting stability bar for added safety. Here are some additional pros and cons of the SYCT Wide Ladder Stand.


  • checkThe solid steel construction ensures durability and safety.
  • checkAt 70 pounds, the ladder stand is relatively lightweight and easily portable.
  • checkIncludes a 26-inch tear tuff mesh seat and backrest for comfortable sitting.
  • checkThe seat flips-up to provide extra space for hunters.
  • checkIncludes a flared shooting rail for more shooting angles.
  • checkThe welded ladder pockets and threaded knobs eliminate the noise of sudden movements..
  • checkThe ladder can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 pounds, which is enough for two hunters


  • The locking knobs of the ladder come loose and fall off easily.
  • Requires more than two people to set up this stand.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Ladder Stand

Before buying a ladder stand, consider the following factors. You want to buy a ladder stand that is safe and will last for many years of hunting.Here’s some important features to look for in a tree ladder stand:

Type: There are two types of ladder stand available in the market, one-man and two-man. If you enjoy hunting with a companion, a two-man stand could be a better choice for you. If not, go for a one-man stand.

Weight: For portability, storage and maneuverability, choose a lightweight stand. Even the most lightweight ladder is quite heavy for some people.

Weight Capacity: The amount of weight a stand can accommodate is important for safety reasons. If the ladder stand can’t handle your weight, you could toppled off from such high place and an unfortunate event may occur. Therefore, before buying a ladder stand, you must double check the weight limit, especially if you plan to have two hunters on it.

Platform Size: When buying a ladder stand, look for a wider platform. A wide platform ensures that you have enough space to stand. It also reduces the chances of falling. A big platform also gives you enough leg space for all-day sitting.

Portability: Portability depends on the weight of the stand. A lightweight ladder is much easier to move than a heavy weight one. Therefore, before buying your ladder stand, make sure to check the weight to see if you can carry it easily.

Safety: When you are sitting or hunting at such heights, you and your companion need to be safe. So, look for a ladder stand that comes with full body safety harnesses. These harnesses will make sure that you don’t fall from the stand due to any sudden movements.

Hunting Location: Ladder stands are best for dry, heavily wooded areas with tall, straight trees, so you can set up the ladder effortlessly. If you decide to hunt in any other location, it may not be wise to not buy a ladder stand.

Comfort: Comfort is a major issue since most hunters sit for long hours on the stand. If you are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to focus on hunting. Many stands come with padded seats, backrests, and even armrests. Look for padding and plenty of leg space in your ladder stand.

In Conclusion

Every hunter has distinct preferences when buying hunting gear. And ladder stands are no different. This list contains the six best ladder stands for design, portability, weight, weight limit, comfort level, and price range.

They also provide the top safety measures and height for ladder stands. Although the top pick was the Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand, you should choose one for your specific needs.

Consider the height, size, materials, design and safety features of the ladder stand you buy. It should be easy to assemble, store, transport and set up, as well.

To have a successful gun or bow hunting trip, you need to sit comfortably and safely for a long time. So be sure to shop around before purchasing a tree ladder stand.

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