Leader Accessories Compound Bow Review

Hunting is fun but it can be boring if you have the wrong bow. The best hunting bows should be easy to use and they should also be durable.

I love hunting on weekends with my friends and one of the bows I recognize in this sector is the Leader Accessories Compound Bow.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Ever since I started using this bow, I make accurate shots and hardly do I go home without any catch. If you are out there searching for the best bow, you can try this one out and feel its performance.

This review covers a lot about this bow and I know you will enjoy reading the comprehensive analysis of the bow.

Draw Weight

This equipment has a draw weight of about 30 to 55 lbs, making it quite easy to use since its light weight hence one can aim without much energy use.

It is mainly manufactured for adult use only; hence all adults can be able to use since its draw weight makes it quite easy to handle especially when one is targeting which makes it very efficient concerning its use.

Draw Length

Always when purchasing a hunting equipment the things one should consider mainly is the draw length and for this leader accessory, the draw length is a minimum length of 19 inches to a maximum length of 29 inches.

So it’s important to adjust the draw length depending on your target distance since a more draw length can make the arrow release to either a near or away from a target.

And the draw length can also be adjusted depending on one’s height with short people being recommended the minimum lengths while the tall ones being recommended to select the maximum length.

Maximum Speed

After an arrow release, the arrow has a maximum speed of up to 296 FPS which is crucial when targeting.

The speed always determine the target hit with slower speeds causing the arrow have premature target hit and also more speed can result in a precise target hit. Thus this 296 FPS speed can make the arrow very accurate when a target is being aimed.

Compound Bow

This equipment has a compound bow that comes with a fiber optic sight that is used for target aiming since it can make one be able to foresee where the arrow is targeting which in turn makes it possible for one to have a clear target shoot.

It also comes with a draw away arrow rest and releases aid that is very handy especially when the target hit was missed. The D string loop also allows the bow to hold the arrow without any premature arrow release.

The compound bow also comes with two pieces of aluminum arrows that are about 30 inches in length.

Axle to Axle

This equipment has an axle to axle distance of 28 inches making it quite easy to carry around plus it gives one enough space for arrow release.

This axle to axle distance is critical when one is purchasing a hunting equipment since other can be smaller giving a person a hard time to handle the hunting equipment.

Let Off

This equipment has a let off of up to an estimated 70% which is perfect when one is targeting since it holds the arrow in place when one is aiming at the target making the release very accurate and sensitive hence producing an accurate target shooting. I love how this let off makes the arrow shoot since it’s very accurate and precise.


  • checkAxle to axle.
  • checkMaximum speed.
  • checkDraw length.
  • checkDraw weight.
  • checkLet off.


  • Hard to find replacement parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this leader accessories hunting equipment comes with an optic sight?

A: Yes, it comes with a fiber optic sight.

Q: Can one hunt without causing unnecessary attention?

A: Yes one can always hunt peaceful since the hunting equipment has a green camouflage color.

Q: What is the maximum speed of the arrow?

A: The arrow has a release speed of up to 276 FPS.

Final Verdict

With this leader, the accessory compound bow will is sure of having the best deal since it has a maximum speed of 296 FPS, an axle to axle distance of 28” with a draw length and weight of up to 29” and 55 lbs.

The next time you are planning on going for hunting, carry this bow, and you will love its accuracy and ease of use.

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