SA Sports Fever Crossbow Review

If you are a sports hunting lover, then this beauty SA sports fever Crossman is the perfect choice for you. It’s usually very accurate and precise when it comes to targeting acquisition and shooting making hunting sports interesting.

It has world most best-rated features like the padded shoulder sling which is very rare when it comes to hunting bows and has an adjustable weaver scope mount.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

Features of the  SA Sports Fever Crossbow

Padded Shoulder Sling

This SA Sports has a padded shoulder sling that makes this set of archery quite easy to carry around. The padded sling also makes it very comfortable since it provides that ideal comfort required for the shoulder sling.

So one can walk for a very long distance without much hustle since this set of archery is very light weighted plus its shoulder sling feature makes it possible too.

Adjustable Weaver Scope Mount

This set of archery comes with an adjustable Weaver scope mount that is very handy unlike other sets of archery brands that make the target acquisition like a blindfold.

This scope mount makes the target acquisition to be very precise and accurate since it zooms in the target making it very accurate. Plus this feature makes the archery unique with perfect performance.

Quick Detach Quiver

This set of archery has a detachable quiver which makes the hunter be able to hunt with much ease since the quiver houses the arrows hence one can easily access the arrows without much hustle unlike that archery with fixed quivers since they have to stop for arrow picking from the fixed quivers.

Plus this quick detach quiver can be attached to most of the treetops with much ease making arrows very easily accessible.

Premium 4 X 32 Multi-Reticle Scope

The new SA Sports archery has a premium four x32 multi-reticle scope for a perfect sight shoot which makes target acquisition very accurate and precise.

This with the help of adjustable weaver scope mount is sure of getting some of the best target shoots and is ideal for sports hunting since the archery can hit the target to an accuracy level of up to 100%, unlike other archery brands.

Arrow Size

This set of archery has a total weight of 4.85 pounds; thus its very light weighted making it very easy to carry, unlike other archery which weighs more pounds.

This lightweight makes hunting and sports hunting very enjoyable since the archery set is very easy to carry around. Plus one can use the archery with much less hustle hence its very handy.

String Length

It has a string length of 26.5 inches making the arrow hold without any unnecessary premature arrow release perfectly. This string length increases the overall speed of the arrows being released hence makes target acquisition very accurate.

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  • checkString length.
  • checkPhysical weight.
  • checkArrow size.
  • checkPremium 4 x 32 Multi-Reticle Scope.
  • checkQuick detach quiver.
  • checkPadded shoulder sling.


  • Not suitable for beginners since it’s very complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the string length?

A: The string length of this archery is 26.5 inch.

Q: Does the archery has a detachable quiver?

A: The archery has a quickly detachable quiver that can be attached to most tree tops.

Q: What is the required arrow size to be used?

A: The recommended arrow size for this archery is 16 inches 2219 aluminum arrow type, but one can also use a 20-inch carbon arrow too.

Final Words

This SA sports fever crossbow is a perfect choice since it has a premium four x32 multi-reticle scope for a perfect sight shoot which makes target acquisition very accurate and precise.

The quick detach quiver also makes it stand out from the rest since it can be attached to a tree top hence making arrows very readily available with a nick of time.

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