SAS Siege 55lbs 29” Compound Bow Review (Effective & Affordable)

Archers, either for leisure or career, are often overwhelmed with the sheer amount of compound bows available in the market and often forget to check whether they can match their purpose to the particular requirements and thus will forego this for slick and pleasing to the eye.What if you could have both aesthetics and top of the range functionality in one compound bow?

SAS Siege Compound Bow is one of the best selling compound bows available in the market today, which offers both aesthetics and top range functionality at the same time.

At only fifty-five pounds this bows delivers on all pro recommended fronts and doesn’t leave a dent in your pocket. The strong piece of the layered limb produces a draw weight of up to 55lbs, which enable the shooters a high-quality right gear with durability.

SAS Siege 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow

The Features of Sas Siege Compound Bow

Need I mention that this bow does not need any other tools for an establishment of the bow since it comes with a dead shot sight and an efficient paper target?

Whether pro or amateur this bow works for everyone and would make a neat practice entry level bow.

Draw Length: The bow has a draw length of 29” and an axle to axle length of an impressing 41.5”.Draw length and Axle to Axle length is to archers what shoe size is to track athletes.

The distance from your mouth’s corner to the bow grip’s back will impact arrow speed, and so the bow allows its archer a high draw length so with proper archery form they can crash personal goals.

Draw Weight: The force required to draw the SAS Siege Compound bow ranges between 40 to 55 pounds with a fifty-five pounds peak. This bow’s draw weight accommodates anyone and everyone.

Whether your arms muscles are strengthened and on the top condition or just starting out the bow will deliver. It does not matter whether your muscles are stiffened by winter clothes not to mention constructed or unhindered during a warm summer.

Let Off: The mechanical relaxation at any full draw will impact how long you can hold at full draw. This bow posts a 70% let-off thus the archer can hold for 5 seconds without a ‘’sloppy” bow.

Combined with the draw weight, the 70% let-off gives the archer superiority in accuracy as holding weight is only 14 pounds; therefore, precision is boosted by way of longer aim and release time.

Bow Sight: With a five pin bow sight mounted on the bow riser, it becomes much easier to determine where the arrow will hit.

The maximum yardage the sights can handle ranges between fifty to sixty yards so whether you are trophy hunting or sports competitions you have an upper hand in term of sight because the five pin is functional in conditions of low-light. Only hunting form can hold you back.


  • checkElegant design that complements its top not functionality
  • checkNo need for technical knows how to set up
  • checkBoasts of 206 Feet per Second speed
  • checkEquipped with modern and latest technology with respect to back pivot limb
  • checkIt is not heavy thus can be carried around even on long distances


  • The efficiency of the arrow rest might differ from one shooter to another

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended Arrow to use the compound bow?

A: To explore the full functionality of the bow, carbon and aluminum bow of 30” length.

Q: Is it necessary to use the cable guard?

A: If you intend to finger shoot, then you ought to use it.

Q: How should I maintain my bowstring?

A: You should consider getting somehow string wax to ensure your bow serves you for longer and in condition.

Final Verdict

The SAS Siege 55lbs 29” Compound Bow beats any other compound bow available in the market. Most importantly, it’s highly effective and affordable, does not matter if you are just a begineer or are a pro level professional.

With a sleek design, modern technology, top of the range sights and a very remarkable let off, this bow is a must-have if you intend to unleash your full potential and skill in archery.

With proper training in precision, back and fore muscles and coordination, the bow will fully perform to deliver remarkable results in deer hunting or competitions. Did I mention it has a compressed ABS limbs span, and the riser has cut-outs that are reminiscent of waffles?

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